Activity Idea: Becoming an Astronaut

Did you know that astronauts are still launching into space?  While we’re in quarantine, on April 9th NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy and Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner will launch Expedition 63 to the International Space Station (ISS)! Does becoming an astronaut sound like fun to you too?  How to Start: Are you interestedContinue reading “Activity Idea: Becoming an Astronaut”

Activity Idea: Design a Rocket

Getting stir-crazy?  Cabin fever setting in?  Need some space (yes, I went there)? Well, fear not!  Today’s activity will solve all your problems: Launch your imagination AND use up all those empty food cartons, containers, cans, etc. from the past week at home.  How to start: Inform your child/children they have been hired to designContinue reading “Activity Idea: Design a Rocket”