Activity Idea: Field Trips

Okay, so we can’t actually go on a field trip, or at least we really shouldn’t.  But now’s the time to take advantage of all the amazing virtual field trips available online.  Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to see?  Is it a museum?  A national park?  What interests you?

How to Start: Ask your child/children where they have always wanted to go.  Of course, we are trying to keep this educational, so remind them that this is a learning experience.  If your kids are as sneaky as mine, you may have to add in a requirement that it is a place where (insert responsible adult) would say you would learn something.  If they can’t decide, have them list their top three choices.

What to do next: Research it! Look up the place where you would like to visit.  Use the following questions as a guide:

  • Where is it located/how far away is it?
  • Why did you pick it?
  • How would you get there?
  • What do they do there?
  • What would you do there?
  • Why are you interested in this location?
  • What makes your location special or unique?
  • Would you like to work there?  If so, why?  What would you do?
  • Do they offer a virtual fieldtrip?  If so, take a field trip! 

Expand it: How can you bring in other content areas?

  • Science: Did you pick an outdoor location?  If so, what geology did you see?  What biology did you see?
  • Technology: Are you able to take a virtual fieldtrip?  If so, how was the virtual fieldtrip created?  If not, what technology would you need to create one?
  • Engineering: How would you build the technology for virtual field trips?
  • Arts: Picture yourself as a tour guide.  How would you present information about your location?  Can you make a commercial?
  • Math: Calculate the distance from your home to your location, convert between English and metric.  How long do you think it would take to get there by car, train, boat? 

STEAM Resources:

I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend.


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