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Is your child struggling in STEM classes?  Are you having difficulty figuring out how to help?  If so, Full STEAM Ahead, LLC can work with you to:

  1. Assess gaps between what your child is doing in the classroom and state or federal STEM requirements, and develop a plan to address those gaps.
  2. Determine areas where your child needs additional STEM support, and provide resources to help you work with your child. 
  3. Boost excitement and understanding in STEM fields based on your child’s area(s) of interest.

At Full STEAM Ahead, LLC, we focus on providing resources that are useful and usable.  It does not take a STEAM degree to be able to support your child.  All it takes is a desire to grow and a helping hand to get things started.  If you are looking for that helping hand, we are here for you.  We provide a range of offerings that fit your needs and budget.

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