Activity Idea: Color, Chemistry and Cooking

Part of learning from home is the flexibility to go off course.  Some days we just need to do something else.  Why not spark some creativity, learn some chemistry, and enjoy a good meal!  How to Start: Plan, plan, plan.  You’ll need to work as a team to decide what to make.  The goal isContinue reading “Activity Idea: Color, Chemistry and Cooking”

Activity Idea: Show your teacher and school staff appreciation, the STEAM way!

This week is teacher and school staff appreciation week.  Now that we, as parents, are starting to understand what teachers and school staff do every day, it’s important to let them know how much we appreciate them.  Schools are helping to organize virtual activities, and there are tons posts and suggestions from the education community. Continue reading “Activity Idea: Show your teacher and school staff appreciation, the STEAM way!”

Activity Idea: How to design Crazy

I am finding that my family, and some others I’ve heard from, are cycling through a range of emotions during our time at home, some calm and some… not so calm.  In our house, we have recently returned to the nutso-bonkers stage.  So how do we use this to our benefit?  Let’s design Crazy! HowContinue reading “Activity Idea: How to design Crazy”

Activity Idea: Become a Citizen Scientist

What is a citizen scientist, you ask?  Good question, considering April is citizen science month!  According to National Geographic, citizen science is a “science project or program where volunteers who are not scientists conduct surveys, take measurements, or record observations.”  ( I believe we are all scientists since we all observe our natural world, interpretContinue reading “Activity Idea: Become a Citizen Scientist”

Activity Idea: Earth Day at a National Park

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  What can you do to celebrate?  Well, since it’s also National Park week, why not visit a National Park.  I know you can’t do it “for real for real”, as my kids would say, but why not go on a virtual visit?  How to Start: Do youContinue reading “Activity Idea: Earth Day at a National Park”

Activity Idea: Science Fiction Story

I remember watching Star Trek as a kid and being amazed by their cool gadgets, but never thought I’d ever seem them, for real, in my lifetime.  I even remember playing with my brother’s “communicators” (aka walkie talkies, which I still have, shhhh….) pretending I was talking with someone on a distant planet.  Fast forwardContinue reading “Activity Idea: Science Fiction Story”

Activity Idea: Topsy-Turvy Day

As a parent, have you ever dreamt of your child asking you a question and just responding, in that whiny voice “I don’t know!” or “I don’t wanna!”  While we can’t fully embrace a role reversal (can we?), we can implement a topsy-turvy day.  Switch roles with your kids and let them be the UnexpectedContinue reading “Activity Idea: Topsy-Turvy Day”

Activity Idea: I have to do this for how long?!?!

It’s real now.  Those first few weeks have passed, spring break is happening, and then…. well, we’re home for the rest of the school year.  Everyone is settling into their new reality and, if you’re like me, you’re wondering if life will ever be the same again.  With all this going on, we still haveContinue reading “Activity Idea: I have to do this for how long?!?!”