Activity Idea: Color, Chemistry and Cooking

Part of learning from home is the flexibility to go off course.  Some days we just need to do something else.  Why not spark some creativity, learn some chemistry, and enjoy a good meal! 

How to Start: Plan, plan, plan.  You’ll need to work as a team to decide what to make.  The goal is to try something new while getting everyone involved.  Think healthy and colorful, at least for the main dish. This isn’t just a meal, it’s also an art project! 

What to do next: Have fun and make a mess.  Clean-up can be a life skills lesson for the kiddos!

Expand it: How can you bring in other content areas?

Believe it or not, cooking is an ideal STEAM activity!

  • Science: What is the chemistry behind mixing different ingredients?  What about the chemistry of taste?
  • Technology: What technology did you use to cook? 
  • Engineering: How was the technology you used made?  Can it be made better? What did people use in the past and how have we improved it (why not bring in some history)?
  • Arts: How many colors can you use?  What different flavors can you make? How would you put together an appealing presentation?
  • Math: Measuring, English vs metric, experimenting with amounts.

STEAM Resources:


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